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Carnatic Music Idol JUNIOR (USA) competition (Vocal)
Shree Shakti Mandir Lake City


CHANGE IN COMPETITION DATE – NEW DATE SEPTEMBER 10, 2011 Because of significant scheduling conflicts among three of the four host cities, Jaya TV has requested us to change the date of the competition to a new date: September 10, 2011(from the earlier announced date of Sep. 11, 2011). The venue for the competition will remain as per original announcement and will be held at: Shakti Mandir (Sardar Hall), 1450 Huie Road, Lake City, Georgia, 30260 (Phone: 770-968-3490). CAMAGA significantly regrets the inconvenience caused to each one of you and requests your continued support for the event. If you have any questions or concerns, you may send an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and we will respond to you.

Carnatic Music Idol JUNIOR (USA) competition (Vocal)
Sep. 10, 2011

CAMAGA to host Carnatic Music Idol Junior (USA) competition


Jaya TV, in association with Cleveland Thyagaraja Festival, is planning to conduct a Carnatic Music Idol Junior competition for children living in North America.  The competition will be held in four cities in the U.S to be hosted and organized by a local Carnatic Music organization from each city.  I am very happy to announce that CAMAGA has been selected as one of the four hosts from among competing music organizations.  CAMAGA conveys its sincere thanks to Sri V. V. Sundaram, President of the Cleveland Aradhana Committee, who has taken an active role in bringing Jaya TV and CAMAGA together and in selecting CAMAGA as a host.

CAMAGA believes that this is a great opportunity for our children, community, and the supporters of CAMAGA.  Our children and their talents can now be broadcast across the world (U.S., Canada, India, Australia, and parts of Europe) and that is indeed valuable.  I have listed below a few important details.  Please also read the enclosed flyer for the rules and other details.


· The competition’s objective is to show-case young individuals living in North America and also learning Carnatic music.

· The vocal music competition is open to children between the ages of 5 through 18 only.

· Although the format for the competition is somewhat similar to the Carnatic Idol for seniors relayed by Jaya TV, since this is a junior-level competition, the depth and intensity of questions for this competition will be different. Unlike this junior event, the Carnatic Idol (Senior) included participants who were older and with several years of rigorous training, including concert performance experience.

· The judges for this competition would be professional musicians visiting from India (there will be no local judges).

· The participants will be judged on September 11, 2011 and the judging will start at 8 A.M.  The venue is Shri Shakti Mandir of Atlanta auditorium located at 1450 Huie Road, Lake City, GA 30260.  The entire program will be recorded by Jaya TV crew visiting from India.

· Ten contestants will be selected from the Atlanta event and the final will be held in Bay Area, California (please read the flyer Carnatic_Music_Idol_USA.ppt).

· In addition, Jaya TV also will also broadcast snippets from the performances of other participants.  Each host city will be given a few hours of air time and therefore, the eventual broadcast will include more than just the finalists from Atlanta.

· In addition to the finalists from each host city, a few participants from each host city may also be chosen by the professional musicians to groom them further in music for the next few years.

· If you wish to register your students or children  - the maximum number of participants is 100 – please send your registration form (enclosed CarnaticIdolRegistrationForm.docx)) and the registration fee. The registration fee per participant is $100 and it is non-refundable for any reason. CAMAGA does not hold this money and it is paid to Jaya TV in its entirety.  Over and above, CAMAGA is also underwriting a significant part of the expenses for this event.  We request you to donate to CAMAGA to defray the costs for this event.

· CAMAGA is also seeking corporate sponsors to promote their corporation and products during this event.  Each sponsor can display one banner on one of the two sides of the main stage.  The Jaya TV will capture these banners during the camera rotations and they will appear as part of the broadcast.  Each sponsor is required to pay $2,500 for this purpose.

· During the day of recording, 09-11-2011, those who wish to attend as members of the audience will be charged an admission fee of $15 (both members and non-members must pay admission fee).  The admission fee is to restrict the audience to only those interested in the event and to ensure that the recording goes smooth.

· One or more members of the audience might be interviewed by Jaya TV during the taping.  The audience members also get to vote on a performer of their choice.

· The registration form and power point rules and regulations can also be downloaded from www.camaga.org


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